Channel 4 ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’

After a long, and much anticipated wait, on Thursday 12th December, our jam jar lamps were shown on ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ on Channel 4.

As part of the big reveal of the Sky Den, a treehouse project designed by George Clarke and William Hardie, our lights took centre stage in the beautiful and organic wood frame structure in the heart of the Kielder Forest, Northumberland. Having travelled over 400 miles, and costing £100,000 to build, Clarke and Hardie have created a building that they believe offers a “magical experience”.

The idea behind the project was to create the ultimate boyhood dream for a treehouse and, with Clarke’s vision, the Kielder Forest was an ideal setting. The Sky Den itself sits within the Calver Trust, an area designed to make all areas of the forest accessible to all, and having provided challenging outdoor activities for people of all abilities for over 30 years, the project mirrors the Trusts original aim – disability has no limits.

Wanting to create both a treehouse and a playhouse, the space has been designed in three parts; a square, a triangle and a circle. It offers practical living within a small space using clever architecture and meticulous engineering to economise on space whilst designing intricate spaces to house day-to-day objects. Every space has been optimised to ensure that normal living isn’t sacrificed at the expense of a small space. The triangle particularly was built to take in the Kielder night sky, and with the hydraulic opening, exposes those staying in the Sky Den to the Kielder Forest trees.

Although it was brief, our jam jar lamps were shown in the final screenshots of the programme, capturing the treehouse at night. Displayed beside the bed/sofa in the square element of the build, the lamps created a soft hue to the space, built within another deceptive storage space within the walls of the treehouse.

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