An Ode To British Design

Our lovely friends at Homify UK have done us the pleasure of featuring us in their online article this morning, An Ode To British Design.

With the nation swarming towards companies that are keeping their trade within the UK, Homify have recognised this trend and created an ideas book of companies that have the same aim in mind, ensuring that products sold are designed and manufactured within the UK.

Here at Nuvarti we are proud to say that we work hard to ensure that all our production processes are kept within the UK, and more specifically in the West Midlands, the place where Nuvarti was born. We now design, build, package and post everything within the West Midlands, working with other small independent businesses to ensure we keep entrepreneurship flowing and new businesses thriving in the current economic market.

To see us and some of the other British designers that Homify have handpicked, please follow the link –

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