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There is nothing more exciting than receiving your monthly magazine subscription through the post. Ripping open the packet and seeing the glossy print on the front.

This excitement only gets better when you get to page 12 and spot your products on there!

We must once again say a big thank-you to Laura at The Tab Collective, who continues to work on our behalf exposing our range of lighting to journalists and magazine editors nationwide. And again, her work has paid off!

There in all its orange glory are three of our jam jar pendants, hung beautifully over an armchair, crying out for someone to curl up on it with a cup of tea and a good book!

Good Homes November issue is now out for sale, so to see our lights up close, and to discover more great ways to create beautiful interiors, pick up your copy or head to our shop to own one of our jam jar pendants in your own home.

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