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We met Tom Cullen of iChoose back in 2013 and as an avid supporter of industrial style, he became a fond friend of Nuvarti.

Having come from the big city lights of London, Tom has fantastic connections in the media world, and he decided that Birmingham needed a platform to perform and shout about its talents, and he has become the man for Birmingham to channel their voice through!

iChoose was born out of wanting to keep the people of Birmingham informed of just how great the city is and to highlight some of the hidden treasures out there! And on the anniversary of the birth, iChoose have done ‘A Lesson A Week For A Year’ article, highlighting just some of the great things Tom has discovered on his adventures over the last year….and lo and behold…for number 35 its only bloomin’ us!

To read the article and to learn more about just how great Birmingham is please head to

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